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Top 3 Attacks on Wolves by the Bush Administration

* Returning management to Idaho, which passed a resolution to eliminate wolves “by any means necessary”
* Allowing continued aerial gunning of Alaska’s wolves
* Authorizing illegal wolf kills in Wisconsin and Michigan

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Last week, Secretary of Interior Gale Norton handed over wolf management to the state of Idaho -- the same state that just a few years ago passed a resolution calling for the elimination of wolves “by any means necessary.”

Help usfight Norton's attacks on America's wolves and ensure that one of America’s most majestic animals continues its fragile recovery. Please make a contribution right now to help support our efforts to protect imperiled wolves.

The situation is grim in Idaho. The co-chairman of theIdaho Anti-Wolf Campaign recently told the Los Angeles Times that "We will get rid of these wolves, one way or another."

Help ussafeguard wolves in the American West and beyond. Make a tax-deductible contribution to Defenders of Wildlifenow.

This is just the latest in a series of attacks on wolves by Secretary Norton and the Bush Administration.

Norton has refused to stop the aerial gunning of wolves in Alaska that has led to the brutal deaths of more than 400 wolves, with 18 killed in the last two months alone. She tried to prematurelyweaken protections for endangered wolves in the lower 48 states-- a move we blocked in court. And she's working with Congressman Richard Pombo and others to gut the Endangered Species Act,the landmark law that's provided key protections for wolves and allowed their recovery.

Help us stop Gale Norton and save wolves. Please make a tax-deductible contribution of $25.00, $35.00, $50.00, or another amount to help support our public education, grassroots mobilization, and legal action to protect imperiled wolves.

Whether the threat comes in court or in Congress, on the ranchlands or national forests, at the state house or from the White House, Defenders will be there to protect our wolves.

Defenders is a national leader in innovative wolf conservation efforts. Wepost rewards to help capture those who illegally kill wolves. We help farmers and ranchersinstall predator-proof fencing and other measures to reduce conflicts with wolves. And, while wolves rarely attack livestock, we’ve established a fund to help compensate those farmers and ranchers who lose livestock to wolves.

Please hurry. To help support these and other efforts to protect wolves and other cherished wildlife, we’re trying to raise $20,000 in the next 72 hours.

Please make your tax-deductible donation now.

The wolf is an important part of our national heritage and a powerful symbol of the American West. With your help, we can ensure that it continues to roam our great wild places.
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Done that, I've adopted quite a few of them and continue to spread the word.